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Who We Are

Mission Statement

The Board of Regents of Prelacy Armenian Schools aspires to provide American-Armenian students with a rigorous educational curriculum, while at the same time, preserving and enhancing the Armenian Heritage and Culture by emphasizing the study of the Armenian language, history and religion. With this dual foundation, it is expected that the students will become lifelong learners, valuable and responsible citizens in the communities in which they live as ambassadors of the Armenian people who strive to promote and advance the Armenian cause.

Vision Statement

Our vision ( for western Prelacy schools ) is to be beacons of educational excellence, where Academic Excellence and Armenian Heritage serve as the foundational pillars of our schools. With a focus on Financial Stability, we (BOR) aim to sustain and grow our institutions, ensuring the resources necessary to provide a quality education that transforms lives.

We are committed to the Expansion of Schools, extending our reach to empower more students with our unique blend of Academic Excellence and Armenian Heritage.

We inspire and cultivate leadership qualities in our students, empowering them to become influential change-makers in their communities and beyond. Through mentorship, experiential learning, and a nurturing environment, we foster the growth of compassionate, confident leaders.

To optimize our operations and enhance collaboration, we prioritize the centralization of systems. By integrating administrative processes and streamlining educational systems, we create an efficient and cohesive environment that supports the delivery of exceptional education.

Core Values

Academic Excellence represents a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, intellectual rigor, and the highest standards of educational achievement. It encompasses a dedication to continuous learning, critical thinking, and the acquisition of skills and expertise in various academic disciplines. It cultivates intellectual curiosity, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge.

Armenian Heritage embodies a sense of pride and connection to Armenian civilization, emphasizing the preservation and promotion of Armenian traditions, language, arts, and beliefs. It inspires individuals to actively engage in preserving the heritage and passing it on to future generations.

Integrity embodies unwavering adherence to moral and ethical principles. It entails acting with honesty, accountability, and transparency, consistently aligning actions with values and upholding high standards of conduct. Integrity fosters trust, credibility, and respect, serving as a guiding compass to make ethical decisions.

It represents a strategic focus on reaching a broader audience, expanding educational opportunities, and maximizing the institution’s impact. This growth mindset involves developing and implementing strategies to attract and retain students, diversify program offerings, and expand infrastructure and resources to accommodate increased enrollment. It also emphasizes the continuous improvement of educational quality, student support services, and the overall learning experience.

Ensuring the long-term viability and responsible management of all educational institutions within the Western Prelacy region. It’s a commitment to achieving financial stability, operational efficiency, and positive societal impact. It involves prudent resource allocation, strategic planning, and the cultivation of strong governance and leadership and recognizing the importance of adaptability, innovation, and the ability to anticipate and address future challenges.

2019-2021 Board of Regents

Sarkis Ourfalian


Sarkis Ourfalian has been an attorney for nearly thirty years and a partner at Ourfalian & Ourfalian since 1998. He has served as the Chairman of the Levon & Hasmig Tavlian Preschool & Kindergarten for eight years and as a member of the Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School Board for four years. He has also been a member of the Glendale Memorial Hospital Foundation for the past four years and is currently on the advisory board. Mr. Ourfalian is married to Laura and has two beautiful children, Talar and Sebou.

Shakeh Avakian


Shakeh Avakian is a retired Special Education Specialist. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in School
Psychology and a Pupil Personnel Credential form California State University, Northridge. Her
professional experience includes 30 years of practice as a School Psychologist, Coordinator of
Special Education Program Services, Dean of Special Education Program, Supervisor of School
Psychologist interns, District Crisis Team member, and Professional Development Provider.

Shakeh has serviced as a Board of Governing Member in both Armenian private and public-
school settings. She has also served as a member of the Department of School Psychology
Advisory Board of Loyola Marymount University. During her employment she was awarded the
Outstanding School Psychologist award from Los Angeles Association of School Psychologist.

Shakeh is a founding member of Ararat Charter School and currently serves as the Chair of
Ararat Charter School’s Governing Board. She recently rejoined the Board of Regents of Prelacy
Armenian Schools.

Armineh Papazian

Armineh Papazian currently serves as the Principal of Clifford Math and Technology Magnet Elementary School in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She has served in various positions in the district throughout the last 27 years, including teaching students in grades kindergarten through grade 6 in inner city schools and as an administrator for the past 12 years. She has also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) courses in adult education. Mrs. Papazian has served for a number of years as the President of the Armenian-American Educators Association and is currently a member of various other educational and social organizations. She has four children and is passionate about helping all children maintain their curiosity and develop a love of learning.

Azita Avedissian

Azita Avedissian is an attorney with more than 24 years of experience. Ms. Avedissian has been a Partner in a prominent Los Angeles law firm, specializing in family law. She has been an active member of various professional associations, such as the Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles County Bar Associations, serving on the Executive Committee of the Beverly Hills Bar Family Law Section. Since 2012, Ms. Avedissian has served on the Board of Regents of the Prelacy Armenian Schools and been a liaison to Vahan and Anoush Chamlian Armenian School. Ms. Avedissian is deeply committed to the mission of the Board of Regents in providing academic excellence to all students attending Prelacy Armenian Schools. Ms. Avedissian is married and a Prelacy Armenian School parent.

Dr. Hasmig Baran

Dr. Hasmig Baran is a long time educator. Currently, she works within the Los Angeles Unified School District and is an adjunct faculty at the California State University Northridge in the Armenian Studies Program. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Haigazian University in Beirut, a member of the Board of Directors of Analysis Research and Planning for Armenia (ARPA), a member of Society for Armenian Studies (SAS), and a member of the Prelacy Armenian Language Revitalization Committee.

Pattyl Aposhian Kasparian

Pattyl Aposhian Kasparian is the Vice President of Marketing and Development for a large financial institution with more than two decades of experience in business, finance, branding and development.  She is active in campus life as a board member of the Caltech Y, a body composed of Caltech leadership and students dedicated to the enhancement of student life. In 2015, Ms. Aposhian was appointed as a Commissioner for the State of California Commission on Judicial Performance, an independent state agency responsible for disciplining judges and enforcing rigorous standards to maintain the integrity and independence of the judicial system. She has also served several terms as a Board Member of the Armenian National Committee Western Region. She earned her undergraduate degree in journalism and her graduate degree in business with an emphasis in marketing and finance.  In 2016, Ms. Aposhian received her Chief Innovation Executive (CIE) accreditation—completing her first year at MIT Sloan School of Management and her second year at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Silva Kirakosian

Silva Kirakosian attended Hripsimiantz School in Beirut, Lebanon and graduated from Ferrahian High School. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of California Los Angeles and thereafter obtained her Juris Doctorate degree. She is a practicing attorney since 1989 and a partner at the Law Offices of Kirakosian & Associates. She presently serves on the Court’s Appointed Counsel program where she represents minors and adults with disabilities in Conservatorship and Guardianship cases. Ms. Kirakosian is active in the Armenian community and serves on various committees in Armenian organizations. She is an active member of various professional associations such as the Pasadena Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association Probate Section. She has been on the advisory board of InterCoast Colleges. Ms. Kirakosian is a liaison to Armenian Mesrobian School. She is married and her youngest daughter attends Chamlian Armenian School.

Arlene Mouradian-Zenian

With nearly 20 years of experience in education, Arlene Mooradian Zenian is a proud product of
Prelacy Schools. She taught for almost ten years in a public school eventually becoming an
Assistant Principal and Principal for 10 years in Burbank Unified School District. Having earner
her Bachelors degree in Political Science from University of California Los Angeles and her
Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Pepperdine University, Ms. Mooradian-Zenian
is eager to use her experiences in the classroom, in Educational Administration and now as a
parent of 3 current Prelacy School students to serve the Board Regents in the best way