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Preserving the Armenian Language for Future Generations

The Armenian Teachers’ Development Day is an opportunity for Armenian subject educators from the Prelacy schools to look ahead on the Armenian language issues that will shape the landscape for future generations of students. The Board of Regents holds this event every year in an effort to identify and advance actions to preserve the Armenian language and get acquainted with innovative approaches in teaching the Armenian language to students.

In light of growing challenges facing Armenian instruction, particularly with having students express themselves in the Armenian language, this event has become indispensable towards engaging and empowering Armenian subject teachers. Through initiatives such as the Armenian Teachers’ Development Day, tangible examples of ways to motivate students to utilize the Armenian language and encourage them to speak about abstract ideas or everyday topics in Armenian are continuously being provided for our esteemed educators.

It is more important than ever before for teachers to create a healthy environment for students to learn the Armenian language and become well-rounded, bilingual citizens. This annual event further advances their educational knowledge and expands their horizons with innovative and new educational approaches in teaching the Armenian language.