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Further Advancing Professional Development

The Annual Professional Development Day conference is a yearly tradition that seeks to further advance professional development within educators by bringing together school Principals, Preschool Directors, teachers, and staff from not only the Prelacy Armenian schools, but most Armenian daily schools throughout the state of California as well. It is held by the Board of Regents and has consistently taken place for the past fifteen years. Each year’s multifaceted program includes an array of dynamic instructional workshops on the most current educational, research-based teaching and learning advances.

Creating and sustaining a supportive environment for our educators to learn from one another is absolutely essential to the Board of Regents and is exactly why they work so hard to make this conference a reality every year. The conference continually proves that there are educators from across the state who passionately serve Armenian students and are committed towards improving the quality of the classroom experience for their students; along with teaching the Armenian language and culture to the future generation as well.

The Annual Professional Development Day serves as a valuable opportunity for educators from various Armenian schools to articulate with one another and share their successes and challenges in order to better serve the needs of Armenian students. To learn more about the conference and for any inquiries, please contact the Board of Regents office at (818) 500-0822.