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Prelacy Armenian Schools Switching to “Distance Learning” What does it Look Like? On Thursday, March 12 the Board of Regents in collaboration with school principals and preschool directors, made the decision to close all Prelacy Armenian School campuses until Friday, March 27 as a precaution for the Coronavirus pandemic. It was also decided that instruction will resume online or through alternative modalities beginning Wednesday, March 18. Ever since this decision, the administration, teachers and staff of Prelacy Armenian Schools and Preschools have been hard at work preparing to transition to a distance learning program. Schools and Preschools have held many workshops, prepared lesson plans, online lectures and conducted trial runs to make sure they are prepared for the transition. Lisa Gaboudian, Board of Regents Chairperson stated, “During these unsettling times, when we are faced with the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, we are both amazed and proud of our administrative leadership, who was able to come together to coordinate a distance learning program for our students. During the past few days, we have witnessed our dedicated teachers working diligently to make the transition online in order to continue educating their beloved students. The Board praises all of you for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make.” As we venture into an unprecedented time, we want to take this opportunity to also thank all our Parents for their trust in the Prelacy Armenian School system and for their undeterred devotion to our collective mission. Parents and students who have questions or need clarification about their specific school plans as it pertains to distance learning, kindly direct them to your Schools and Preschools Administration. The Board of Regents stands ready to help in whatever way it can during this unsettling time.