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Annual Events

Throughout the year, the Board of Regents hosts a range of events that strengthens the Prelacy Armenian Schools and celebrates our students. 


Further Advancing Professional Development

The Annual Professional Development Day (APDD) conference is a yearly tradition that seeks to advance professional development within educators by bringing together school Principals, Preschool Directors, teachers, and staff from not only the Prelacy Armenian schools, but most Armenian daily schools throughout the state of California as well. It is held by the Board of Regents and has consistently taken place for the past fifteen years. Each year’s multifaceted program includes an array of dynamic instructional workshops on the most current educational, research-based teaching and learning advances.


Connecting Students with the Art of Armenian Poetry

Each year, the Board of Regents organizes an event known as the Student Recitation Contest. This competition allows students from both Prelacy and non-Prelacy Armenian schools to convene and learn about Armenian poetry and prose through memorization and recitation. The program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about Armenian literary history as well.


Preserving the Armenian Language for Future Generations

The Armenian Teachers’ Development Day is an opportunity for Armenian subject educators from the Prelacy schools to look ahead on the Armenian language issues that will shape the landscape for future generations of students. The Board of Regents holds this event every year in an effort to identify and advance actions to preserve the Armenian language and get acquainted with innovative approaches in teaching the Armenian language to students.